The Ultimate Guide to Opals

Mysterious. Fiery. Magical.

October’s birthstone, opal, is a magical and almost otherworldly gem. Once thought to include the colors of all precious stones, opals possess uncanny powers for a variety of cultures. Dangled as a hypnotic talisman or powdered into a compound to instill invisibility, opals—in one way or another—have always been bewitching and mysterious.

Opal Facts

No Two Opals are ever the same! From color play to pattern, tone, and brightness, only to name a few. Each opal is as unique as the wearer.

What is color play? Color play refers to the way the light dances around the opal, creating that galaxy effect of color.

Are all of your opals ethically sourced? Yes! We work one-on-one with family-owned small businesses to ensure all of our opals are ethically sourced and conflict-free.

Boulder Opal 

Color: A vivid spectrum of colors. 
Source: Ethically mined by trusted families in Queensland, Australia

Legend says the jealous Storm God threw the Rainbow God’s most vivid rainbow to the earth, first passing through lightning in the heavens before shattering it into countless fiery pieces of energy that transformed into the Boulder Opal.

Cherished since ancient times for its moonlit galaxy-like composition, the Boulder Opal is known as a stone of balance, meditation and transformation, bringing forth merits of love, hope, peace and clarity.

Use mesmerizing Opal’s fire and light energy to enhance communication, soothe emotion, and inspire creativity and spontaneity.

Peruvian Opal

Color: Blue & Pink.   
Source: Ethically mined by trusted families in Lima, Peru
Fascinatingly rare Peruvian opals are only found in the Andes Mountains. A small group of trusted families personally mine from beautiful open vein deposits in the hills of Lima, Peru, ensuring an ethically sourced, singular and magnificent gemstone.
Pink Peruvian Opal.   

For centuries, the uncommon and dazzling pink opal has harnessed the moonlight to charge your aura with gentle yet powerful energies of love and peace.

Use Pink Opal to connect to your heart’s true feelings—through silicon, hydrogen, and oxygen composition, this water element stone manifests depth and perspective.



Blue Peruvian Opal

Gleaming like the Caribbean, the mysteriously captivating Blue Opal has been cherished since ancient times for its merits of love, hope, purity and happiness. Composed of silicon, hydrogen, and oxygen, this opal’s light energy inspires optimism and creativity.

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