The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Partner's Ring Size Without Them Knowing!

A ring means more than just a beautiful piece of jewelry; a ring represents the unique and beautiful love that is shared between you and your partner.  It is a promise of devotion, and commitment to your significant other.  A ring says, “I will commit to you, I value you, and I will sacrifice comforts for you, just so we can be happy together – for the rest of our days.”

…But what if you don’t know their ring size?...

This piece is here to help you navigate the waters with your future fiancé waiting in the wings.  That way, you have a smooth, beautiful way of finding out your partners ring size – so the moment of the proposal is cleared for takeoff. As difficult and tricky as it seems on the surface, designer and artisan Olivia Mar is here to share some of the most surefire methods, tips, and tricks – all to measure the ring size of your partner, without them knowing!

A Piece of advice…
Proposals are intimate, special moments. Your partner will love the surprise, or just knowing the efforts you went to give them a special engagement experience. To make the most of this moment, plan and map your strategy out in advance!  Be sure to contain your excitement, and be as casual as possible. Your partner might detect even the slightest change in your behavior and be onto you.  See how long you can keep the surprise going!

1. Use One of their Rings
If you live with your partner, you can easily use one of their rings that fits perfectly on their finger to measure their ring size! Note when a ring is left on a counter or around the home.  You can try measuring the rings diameter (in millimeters), and comparing to a ring sizing” chart, but there are ring sizers available that you can use to match the two for a perfect fit.  Raw by Olivia also offer ring sizers shipped directly to you!

2. Ask a Friend
A popular option to get ring size is to have a planted spy” – your partners friend – in on the plan.  Have them go shopping for jewelry together. They can subtly take note of the ring size that fits them. Just be sure to choose a friend who is good at keeping secrets!

3. The Vacation Gift Shop Method
This has to be one of our favorites - kickstart your lover’s heart by shopping for a cute artisan ring on vacation! 

Here’s how to pull it off.  On the last day of vacation, take your lover to the local gift shop!  Propose you guys pick out each other’s gifts for each other – already a sweet idea.

Pick out a ring for them, and after they try it on their index finger, make a mental note: on average, most ring fingers are 1-2 sizes smaller than the index finger.  So, if your lover picks out a size 7 index ring, aim for 5 or 6 for the ring one!  That way, your lover is none the wiser – no hints were dropped.  They’ll probably think you were just being nice, but really you were aiming for a ring finger measurement.

4. Do an art project together
Use this option if your partner loves arts and crafts. Here’s how it works! Get your partner involved in an art project where you two are tracing your hands on a canvas by dipping them in finger paint (any type of paint used for art projects will do). If you can get a clear imprint of their hand with each finger separated, you can use the print to get the correct measurement. It will make for an amazing story.  We’d recommend you keep the “finger paint” marker.  It could be something that reminds you two of that special, sweet, simple moment forever.

5. Ask Your Lover Directly!
While all the fun approaches above help make the engagement more playful, some couples may find it more intimate to simply reveal they have been thinking about marriage for some time.  The point of the above “tips” are not to make you think you need some outlandish surprise for your lover – it’s to let them know you are thinking about a future together.

Showing patience, calm, and vulnerability during these moments of raw, pure emotion will make your lover feel flattered; now, you can look up rings together as a bonding activity. Ring sizing problems?  Solved.

After getting a sense for what really makes the ring,” imagine the expression on your partners face when you surprise them with a RAW by Olivia Mar ring. These are all cute ways to make ring sizing” a little game, but dont get so caught up in the planning that you forget the purpose of the mission: symbolize your commitment to the love of your life.

Contact Raw by Olivia for more information today!  We hope the ring fits!

Photography: Christie Q Photography

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