Muse and Diamond Set

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  • Handmade in the USA
  • Ethically sourced by trusted families in Queensland, Australia
  • Each opal is as unique as your love

From the heavens to the galaxy, a halo of twinkling celestial diamonds gently cradles the moonbeams and lighting bolts that dance in Muse’s Boulder Opal, perfect for balancing intention and highest hopes.

We offer a wide range of boulder opals to choose from, ensuring that every ring is as extraordinary as the love it represents. Tap here to make it personal.

Engrave your engagement ring or wedding band with initials, a short sentiment or a memorable date for an extra-special touch. Tap here to engrave.

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Legend says

the jealous Storm God threw the Rainbow God’s most vivid rainbow to the earth, first passing through lightning in the heavens before shattering it into countless fiery pieces of energy that transformed into the Boulder Opal.

Cherished since ancient times for its moonlit galaxy-like composition, the Boulder Opal is known as a stone of balance, meditation and transformation, bringing forth merits of love, hope, peace and clarity.

Use mesmerizing Opal’s fire and light energy to enhance communication, soothe emotion, and inspire creativity and spontaneity.

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