Astrid Ring
Astrid Ring
Astrid Ring

Astrid Ring

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Astrid holds nothing back. A sensuous gold band spirals around your finger, presenting a singular stellar teardrop diamond, exuding feminine mystery.

Features a GHI genuine, faceted pear diamond.

Untamable and fearless


are unique in their powerful light energy. A forever symbol of beauty, power, and romance, the Queen of Gems blaze like rebel stars cut from the sun, illuminating the rich, enduring legacy of eternal love.

Olivia Mar


diamonds fuse wintery crystalline ice with a dazzling lightning storm, possessing an everlasting amplified energy that never requires recharging. Use this precious gemstone for spiritual evolution—its purifying electricity allows the soul’s light and true aspirations to shine.



mining devastates the environment, exploits workers, children, and communities, exacerbates poverty, and violates human rights. Always ethically and sustainably sourced, Olivia Mar diamonds are conflict-free and glisten with uncompromised beauty.

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