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  • Mined by trusted families in Lima, Peru
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Captivating Valentina provides a gentle spark to get your aura really glowing. A handcrafted band showcases Pink Opal’s warm energy and rare beauty, reminding its wearer of the power within. 

We offer a wide range of pink opals to choose from, ensuring that every ring is as extraordinary as the love it represents. Tap here to make it personal.

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Fascinatingly rare
Pink Peruvian opal

is only found in the Andes Mountains. A small group of trusted families personally mine from beautiful open vein deposits in the hills of Lima, Peru, ensuring an ethically sourced, singular and magnificent gemstone.

For centuries, the uncommon and dazzling pink opal has harnessed the moonlight to charge your aura with gentle yet powerful energies of love and peace.

Use Pink Opal to connect to your heart’s true feelings—through silicon, hydrogen, and oxygen composition, this water element stone manifests depth and perspective.

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